Как сделать надпись в need for speed

Как сделать надпись в need for speed

3.8.3. Image size reduction using OptiPNG, minimized memory usage. 3.8.2. New server, compatibility with WP-LaTeX. 3.8.1. Switched to non-blocking connections to server. 3.8.0. Added rendering to SVG format. 3.7.9. Fixed semi-critical bug in parsing. 3.7.8. Handling of HTTP requests errors. 3.7.7. Server update, bug fixes in plugin & chemistry packages support. 3.7.6. Fixed markup to avoid HTML validation warnings. 3.7.5. Preview formulas in comments before publishing. 3.7.4. Escaping facility for [latexpage] tag. 3.7.3. Equation referencing by \label{} and \ref{},etc. 3.7.2. Resolved CSS collisions with some themes. 3.7.1. Native LaTeX syntax support, TikZ graphics, etc. 3.0.0. Custom LaTeX preamble, font properties tuning, etc. Introduction

This is homepage of QuickLaTeX service which allows easy inclusion of math formulas and graphics in WordPress using LaTeX & TikZ. One of the main advantages over similar services is capability of using native LaTeX syntax directly in the posts, pages and comments without special enclosing tags for every equation.


(Sincere gratitude to Kim Kirkpatrick for his contributions to this plugin. Miss you my dear friend, may your soul rest in peace.)

Support of native LaTeX shorthands embedded in the text:
$ ... $, \[ ... \], \( ... \), $$ ... $$ and environments: equation, align, displaymath, eqnarray, multline, flalign, gather, and alignat.

Equation auto-numbering/labeling/referencing by LaTeX rules. Manual equation number setup by \tag{} command, label by \label{} and referencing by \ref{} anywhere in the text.

Allows custom LaTeX preamble to use additional \usepackage{} and \newcommand{}.

TikZ graphics support. User can write TikZ commands directly in the post using \begin{tikzpicture} ... \end{tikzpicture}. QuickLaTeX will render them into image such that text on the picture and on the page will be of the same size.

Correct vertical formula positioning relative to baseline of surrounding text. QuickLaTeX calculates correct vertical alignment for the formulas and places them on the text line properly without “jumpy” look.

Rendering into vector image format SVG, which means formulas are always crisp and preserve high-resolution quality regardless of zooming factor in the browser. Automatic detection of browser capabilities and silent fall back to raster PNG images for older browsers. This is essential for modern high-dpi screens (Retina, Super Amoled, etc.)

Meaningful error messages for mistakes in LaTeX code.

No LaTeX installation is required on user’s hosting account. You just need to install WP-QuickLaTeX plugin for WordPress. QuickLaTeX is based on custom made software for LaTeX to WordPress conversion, highly optimized and integrated to server architecture.

Easy-to-use administrative page for parameters tuning.

Although using native LaTeX syntax is recommended way in QuickLaTeX, legacy equations enclosed with [latex] ... [/latex], [math] ... [/math] are still supported. No need to change existing pages.
Just use native LaTeX syntax for new pages.

For quick preview of all the features feel free to check math pages on this site – it is fully powered by QuickLaTeX.

Crash course

Place [latexpage] in the post, page or comment to activate LaTeX syntax, e.g.:

QuickLaTeX will compile it to:

Example of tikZ graphics inclusion (you can copy and paste it in WordPress post for tests):

\begin{tikzpicture} [+preamble] \usepackage{tikz} \usepackage{pgfplots} \pgfplotsset{compat=newest} [/preamble] \begin{axis} \addplot3[surf,domain=0:360,samples=40] {cos(x)cos(y)}; \end{axis} \end{tikzpicture}

QuickLaTeX will render it into image and place on the page horizontally centered.

Rendered by QuickLaTeX.com

Another example of tikZ picture rendered by QuickLaTeX (shown without source code and taken from exellent http://www.texample.net/ collection):

Rendered by QuickLaTeX.com

Several other tikZ examples can be found here.


The simplest way is to install WP-QuickLaTeX using “Plugin->Add new” command in your administrative interface.

Sites Powered by QuickLaTeX

Based on statistics, QuickLaTeX server handles about 2 requests per second for formulas generation. QuickLaTeX has been downloaded for about 4000 times. If you want your site to be included in the list below, please send me a link.

Stochastic Analysis Seminar Princeton University. Please note that all figures on the website are generated by QuickLaTeX too (using the TikZ package). I’m a bandit Random topics on optimization, probability, and statistics.
A blog By Sébastien Bubeck devoted to mathematics of sequential decision making. Alex Chinco’s research notebook Personal website of finance PhD student at NYU. Great example of professional QuickLaTeX usage – inline/display equations with auto-numbering, custom packages and more. eBay Tech Blog Have excellent series of posts devoted to fast computation of logarithms. Building Intelligent Probabilistic Systems Machine learning, statistics, neuroscience, everything…
A blog of the Harvard Intelligent Probabilistic Systems group. Example of LaTeX-enabled post: The Central Limit Theorem. Walking Randomly Blog by Mike Croucher
The prominent blog in the field of mathematical software. Hyndsight A blog by Rob J. Hyndman on doing research in sta­tis­tics
Please take a look at Forecasting: principles and practice online book by the same author. Some TeX Developments Joseph Wright’s blog on TeX-world news and developments. He is one of the most respected guru on {TeX} Q&A, member of the LaTeX Project and he is on the Committee of the UK TeX User Group (UK-TUG). Chemistry and LaTeX Clemens Niederberger’s blog on how to marry chemical diagrams of any kind with \LaTeX. He is the author of myChemistry – advanced package for high-quality typesetting of “organic structures, empirical formulæ and chemical reactions” with \LaTeX. If you are looking for professional examples of QuickLaTeX usage in chemistry context – this is the site you don’t want to miss. Multiprecision Computing Toolbox for MATLAB Software which enables arbitrary precision computing in MATLAB. The Spectrum Of Riemannium Physmatics and the Polyverse in a nutshell. Teaching Math Strategies – For Solid Math Learning MathFour.com is a free website with regularly updated and dynamic content for creatively teaching math – in both classrooms and homeschools! It’s based out of Houston, Texas, but applicable to a global math audience. License

Usage of QuickLaTeX.com, WP-QuickLaTeX is free under a linkware license. Which means that service can be used (a) on non-commercial websites (b) with visible and direct backlink to QuickLaTeX.com or plugin’s homepage.

Most people keep 'Powered by WordPress' link, why not let others know about QuickLaTeX service too? How about this:

Powered by WordPress with QuickLaTeX

A commercial license is available which removes the requirement for attribution. Contact me for details.

I appreciate suggestions for further development of the service, so feel free to email me any advice. Your feedback is a driving force of my motivation.

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Как сделать надпись в need for speed

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